Start Cyber Security Academy in The Hague

11 mrt 2013
Auteur: HSD Foundation

A group led by former minister of Defence, Eimert van Middelkoop, is advocating for the launch of a Cyber Security Academy (CSA) within the year of 2013. The CSA will help train and educate students and trainees to become experts in the field of cyber security. There is great demand for this type of knowledge both in the public and private sectors.


Today, the business plan for the Cyber Security Academy was presented, which was set up at the request of The Hague aldermen van Engelshoven (Education) and Kool (Economy), in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice. The institute will be established in the form of a collaboration between Delft University of Technology, University of Leiden (The Hague Campus) and the Hague University of Applied Sciences. They pool their education programmes and expertise with trainings and traineeships offered by FOX-IT, PBLQ, HEC and ENCS. This creates a large and practical training and education platform for the increasingly important field of cyber security.


The Cyber Security Academy will be launched under the guidance of Jacqueline van Zoggel. In September 2013 the current educational offering will be disclosed. The intention is to launch an executive master programme in 2014.

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