PIB Blockchain Solutions Netherlands-Singapore Signed

09 juli 2019
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On 21 June 2019, a consortium of Dutch companies and knowledge institutions signed a cooperation agreement with the Dutch government, the Partners for International Business Programme (PIB), Blockchain solutions Netherlands-Singapore.


Join forces

The Netherlands and Singapore are both key players in the area of blockchain ecosystems. The Netherlands is good at being creative and experimenting. Singapore stands out in the implementation of ambitious projects.


Therefore, the aim of this PIB is to:


  • Connect the Dutch and Singapore’s blockchain ecosystems, join forces, and develop worldwide blockchain applications and solutions.
  • Improve the competitive position of the Dutch blockchain sector in the area of logistics and infrastructure, smart cities, digital health, and government services in Singapore.


Smart Nation

The Netherlands is already proving itself as pioneer in the field of blockchain with many up and running projects, use cases and proof of concepts. The blockchain innovation mission to Singapore in November 2018 has proven that there is a lot of potential for a bilateral cooperation between both countries. It also became clear that Singapore is a market full of opportunities for the Dutch blockchain sector.


Singapore has the ambition to become the first ‘smart nation' in the world with a digital economy, government, and society. Blockchain technology is seen as the next step in the information- and network society. The technology has a vast impact on the economy and trade. It can redefine the relationship between the government and its citizens in the area of data sharing, transparency, and trust. That is why Singapore has more attention for blockchain solutions.



The Dutch Blockchain Coalition coordinates the PIB-cluster and consists of Rabobank, TNO, Ledger Leopard, Kryha, Unchain.io, and The Hague Security Delta (HSD). Cooperation partners are ICTU and Deltares.


The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the Dutch embassy in Singapore are involved at the public side. The ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs and Climate, Justice & Security and Infrastructure and Water are also involved.


Mission to Singapore and Blockchain Innovation Challenge

In November 2019 a high level Dutch delegation will visit Singapore during Fintech Festival/Switch on the subject of digitization, more specifically blockchain and AI. The goal of the mission is to learn from digitization strategies and developments in Singapore and explore collaboration opportunities, build upon existing connections and bring together the blockchain communities and networks from the Netherlands and Singapore.


One intended element of the program of the mission is the pdfBlockchain Innovation Challenge. Should your organization be interested in providing a challenge please contact the PIB Blockchain Solutions Netherlands Singapore coordinator.

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