Market Dialogue: i-LEAD Industry & Research Days with Law Enforcement

18 juni 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

This year the international 'i-LEAD Industry & Research Days with Law Enforcement' will take place on 7 & 8 October in The Netherlands at the HSD Campus. It provides an atmosphere and environment that is conducive for collaboration and deep discussion about technology and the real-world issues facing Law Enforcement. The security themes of the Industry & Research Days are: Drug Crime, Financial investment & Virtual Currencies, Public Order, Crime Scene Recording & Documentation and Digital Forensics. Are you a law enforcement officer, a solution provider or researcher for these crime areas? And would you like to join or contribute to this event. Submit your interest now! 


The event provides an opportunity for industry and law enforcement officers (LEOs) to discuss the cutting-edge solutions that can assist with the known needs and gaps identified during the practitioner workshops. A high-level overview is shown in the table below. The thorough analysis of needs and gaps can be found here.  




Technology Areas

Although the crime areas differ in practicality, many of the technologies that could help support law enforcement and improve the fight against criminals are cross-sectional as shown in the table above. Moreover, due to the demand for innovative solutions, technologies that offer wider coverage and that can integrate with existing systems are very attractive.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions were repeatedly mentioned during the practitioners’ workshops and are therefore highly interesting topics in this year’s event.


Apply for participation before end of July

  • Technology Providers -If you would like to apply to present on the 7thof October and take part in this year’s event – please complete the application. Based on the proposals received, a programme will be conceived (strongest selection) that is deemed most relevant for attendees and adheres to the needs and technology areas.
  • Researchers -If your research or project meets the gaps and needs, please apply to present on the 8th of October and take part in this year’s event. Based on the proposals received, a program will be conceived (strongest selection) that is deemed most relevant for attendees and adheres to the needs and technology areas.
  • Participants -If you represent a LEA or Procurement team and are interested in attending these free events, please register here. Participation is on a first come, first served basis. The event is free, but registration is mandatory. 



The Industry & Research Days are meetings that should be attended in real life, they are not digital meetings. All necessary precautions are being prepared to limit risk for attendees, for instance the number of people in the same room, no gathering of the whole group, safe distance between participants in rooms (1.5m), etcetera. Of course, we adhere to local and national policies and instructions. These policies and instruction may change over time before the event, the organisator will monitor them closely and inform attendees about changes in the programme or setup of the event.


Want to know more?

The Polish Platform for Homeland Security organises i-LEAD Industry & Research Days; if you have any questions or aspects you would like to discuss, please reach out to


i-LEAD and HSD

HSD Office and KvK (partner of Enterprise Europe Network) support the i-LEAD Project (Innovation - Law Enforcement Agencies’ Dialogue) which is executed by a consortium funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 - Research and Innovation Framework Programme, under grant agreement no 740685. It runs from 2018-2022 and the Dutch National Police and TNO are amongst the partners. HSD Office wrote a letter of support for the application and is now supporting the organisor of the Industry and Research Days. If you want to reach out to HSD Office for this topic, contact Mark Ruijsendaal.

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