Market Consultation for New Dutch Integrated Control Room System

27 juli 2017
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The integrated control room system is an important information system within the current Dutch control rooms. It is used by all control rooms nationwide and by all disciplines (police, fire brigade, ambulance and military police). It is intended to support several work processes, but the current system is getting old and has limited development possibilities, capacity and does not support the envisioned control room of the future. The intention is to move towards one national system that is used by all regional control rooms and to make the organisation more flexible and the sharing of information easier.


To create the controle room of the future, a market consultation is being organised by LMO. Organisations can submit their solutions for a new Integrated Control Room system before 28 August 2017.


There have been previous market consultations, but the needs of the users’ organisations have changed and the scope has widened. The new control room should be able to handle different notifications and different ways of interacting with notifiers. For instance notification via photos, videos and different sensors and the way these channels are processed and distributed. The system should be able to support connections to external sources like social media and internal sources such as databases, geographical information, bodycams and other sensors. It is important to share the right information with the right discipline and to be able to have a common operational picture during big incidents.

This market consultation gives HSD partners the opportunity to share their latest insights and innovative solutions for the new Integrated Control Room System and set the bar for the Control Room of the Future. More information can be found on the website of the National Organisation for Emergency Control Rooms and the documentation can be downloaded from EU-Supply.


Within HSD, several programmes concering this topic are developed together with triple helix partners, such as:

- Real Time Intelligence Lab Programme

- Security Innovation in the International Zone Programme  

- Living lab Stratums Eind (DITSS)


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