Joris den Bruinen in Security Innovation Stories: "Innovation Means Creating Something with Value."

10 nov 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

HSD Director Joris den Bruinen was interviewed for 'Security Innovation Stories', a book written by Bram de Bruijn in collaboration with Frank van Summeren. The book contains 20 in-depth interviews with prominent figures in the Dutch security field including several HSD partners (CVD, Gemeente Den Haag, Pandora Intelligence, SBL Cybermonitoring, Securify, FERM Rotterdam and Zerocopter), offering valuable insights in the world of security innovation. The book's focus is on exploring the determining factors behind security, rather than just risks and threats.


Author Bram de Bruijn explains the motivation behind the book, stating: "With 'Security Innovation Stories' we want to inspire readers with real stories of pioneers who push the boundaries of security solutions." Together with Frank van Summeren he bundled the stories into a book to highlight the impact innovation has on the security industry.


In his interview, HSD's director Joris den Bruinen shares his perspective on innovation within the field of cybersecurity, stating: "To me, innovation means creating something of tangible value. A technology, no matter how advanced, isn't truly innovative unless it can be implemented in an organisation or society and brings about business or social benefits."


Read the full interview with Joris in Dutch here.

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For more information on 'Security Innovation Stories' and where to pre-order the book, see this webpage.


Source: Beyond Products & Ront Management Consultants

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