Werfkade 2
1033 RA Amsterdam

Zerocopter originated from the need to facilitate non-standard thinking and acting. Since 2016, our longing resides in the hacker network filled with willing, brilliant people who act from freedom of thought and creation. That's why we want to unleash all this creative power to contribute to a balanced, safe environment while emphasizing the need for transparency.


Since the beginning, we've witnessed, but also contributed to the transformative potential of a united network - from being part of the creation of the Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure guideline in the Netherlands, to building a completely new marketplace that even features products created entirely by hackers.


We are here for good to continue offering accessible security solutions, enabling a united front where we all contribute to the greater good by being exactly who we are. Because the fusion of accessibility, affordability, and reliability doesn't just secure a single human—it safeguards the very foundation of our digital existence.


Hackers are people who are skilled in information technology. They use their technical knowledge to achieve a goal or overcome an obstacle within a computerized system by non-standard thinking and acting. However, over the last 20 years, hackers have been hired to create solutions that have become the basis of the most commercialized products and services in today's market space. But, due to the scalability and profitability of the companies, this kept increasing the costs and decreasing the overall optimization of the solutions.


That is why, in this new reality, we lack the needed skills and expertise, while drifting away from the original hacker mindset and actual high-security value. But no more. It's time for a new balance!