Introducing: the Cyber Security Globaliser Participants

25 apr 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Dutch BaseCamp and InnovationQuarter announced the 8 participants of the Cyber Security Globaliser 2020. The demand on high quality cyber security is growing globally, so internationalisation is now more relevant than ever. After a careful selection process, the following companies have been selected: OneGini, Compumatica, BusinessForensics, Hudson Cybertec, Guardian360, Secrethub, Easy2Audit and P-X systems. 

The Globaliser is a ten week internationalisation readiness programme dedicated to kickstart the international expansion of (tech)scale-ups. The Globaliser has selected eight scale-ups that have the potential to positively impact the cyber industry on a global scale. The programme will run from May until June. They use DutchBasecamp’s tools, network and unique approach to build a solid internationalisation strategy. 


After finishing the globaliser participants will have:
  • A validated international target market
  • A GTM strategy for that market
  • A solid international roadmap which will give you practical guidance on the next steps to take


More info about the participants

OneGini offers a Customer Identity and Access Management solution (CIAM) for the banking, insurance and pension industry. With Onegini, organizations can quickly and securely build mobile apps and digital portals for consumers, employers and advisors, without worrying about registering, logging in and managing the digital identity.

Compumatica specializes in encryption and network security. They develop state-of-the-art solutions that are easy to use and manage. The products have different security certifications from the Netherlands, European Union and NATO. All products (software & hardware) are build and developed in Europe.

BusinessForensics is the Leading Cloud Solution Provider in Compliance & Integrity Risk management for Banks and Insurance companies in the Euro zone, dedicated to protect against criminal activities

Hudson Cybertec is a vendor-independent provider of cybersecurity consultancy and operational technology (OT) services. They help organizations defend against cyber threats within industrial automation, digital control systems and applications. Hudson Cybertec is mainly active in the areas of vital infrastructure, including energy, oil & gas, water, infrastructure, nuclear and the chemical & process industry. 

Guardian360 is a security software vendor that offers subscription based security services to end customers via partners. With this software, security incidents can be prevented from happening and the company acts quickly when they do happen. Preventive, mitigating and curative services are provided via the Guardian360 Lighthouse platform, which help organisations get in control of their information security.

Secrethub helps software developers to securely provision passwords and keys to the applications that power your business, preventing critical leaks of corporate data and increasing productivity. Think LastPass for machines.

Easy2Audit is unique in its business, as it has developed a distinctive configuration and vulnerability audit and compliance software tool. They automatically and periodically assess all connected servers, databases, laptops, desktops and network components for the main vulnerabilities that cyber criminals use to gain entry. Easy2Audit thus enables organizations to demonstrate compliance, plan or adjust work in a timely manner and save costs.

P-X systems is a deep tech cybersecurity company. They produce an early warning system, with its flagship product being a passive cyber sensor. They focus on IT/OT convergence use-cases. P-X systems can help solve challenges quickly, without having to make any adaptations to existing infrastructure.

The Gloaliser is organised by Dutch Basecamp and InnovationQuarter in collaboration with HSD, city of The Hague and the Province of South-Holland.


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