Introducing our New Name: Security Delta (HSD)

09 okt 2021
Auteur: HSD Foundation

As announced in our multi-year strategy 2021-2025, HSD has continued to develop itself as the Dutch (National) Security Cluster that thinks, dares, and acts. To make this more visual, we have changed our name to Security Delta (HSD). In this way we maintain our strong HSD brand and our national scope becomes clearer by using


Today, we have launched the renewed website, updated our social media channels and changed our e-mail addresses into Our other communications will be altered soon as well. (Read in Dutch)  



The renewed corporate website has become bilingual (NL/EN). It clearly showcases what HSD is about and what we do. For example, it provides an overview of all our products and services. Blogs, reports, podcasts, events and webinars of our partners will no longer be shown on the corporate site. From now on, you can find them at our knowledge & innovation platform


National character

The new name confirms the national scope of HSD. The province of South Holland is the hub from which connections are made with partners and stakeholders throughout The Netherlands. This is also proved from our programmes with the focus areas 1) Cybersecurity & Resilience, 2) Data & AI/Intel and 3) Smart Secure Societies.


Regarding AI, our stakeholders have granted us the position as chair and secretary of the workgroup Security, Peace and Justice within the Dutch AI Coalition (NLAIC). This is a dual role alongside the programme concerning the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda Security, commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and Security.


Within the programme ‘Impact Coalitie Safety & Security’ HSD host the programme bureau on behalf of the ‘korpsleiding (commander)’ of the National Police, the VNG and eight municipalities, including the G4 and cities such as Almere, Apeldoorn and Eindhoven.


In the field of Cyber Resilience, we collaborate with Greenport West-Holland, in connection with the Digital Trust Centre of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, on a cyber resilience initiative for the horticulture sector. We therefore took place in the general board of Greenport. We intend to also support other sectors in South Holland, in collaboration with the province of South Holland and potentially with the Metropole Region Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH).


In addition, we host a programme with the OM and the National Police regarding CEO Fraud, in which the Fraud helpdesk and the Dutch Banking Association (NVB) are amongst the organisations involved.


Access to

As part of our access to knowledge, talent, capital and (inter)national market propositions, we’ve had an initiating role in the establishment of the Dutch Security TechFund, we’ve set up and we’ve established knowledge and innovation platform Security Insight. We also coordinate multiple internationalisation programmes and Partners for International Business (PIB) consortia, in collaboration with RVO, InnovationQuarter and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


By doing all this as an independent organisation, together with our 275 partners, we create impact for security in our digitising society and economic outcome value. So, we contribute to strengthening the Dutch economy, increasing employment rates and making the Netherlands more digitally resilient.


Meet our team!

Read the interview with Joris den Bruinen in Dutch IT Channel


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