Introducing New HSD Premium Partner: Atlantis Cyber Security

28 mei 2024
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Atlantis Cyber Security B.V. recently became premium partner of Security Delta (HSD). They are a blend of old-style hackers, newly trained security specialists and developers with a security and creative mind. They serve their clients with services and solutions related to Operational Technology/Internet of Things and beyond. They are on the verge of launching their AI-powered cybersecurity solution for SMEs, Nautilus. To find out more we sat down with Norbert van Adrichem (CTO), Marc van Gent (CEO) and Jeroen van Es (CCO).


Could you describe your activities in the field of security?

"A lot of small and medium businesses wish to learn more about cybersecurity and take action to secure themselves, but they lack the funds or the required knowledge", Norbert explains. "With our platform, we want to make cybersecurity accessible and affordable for them, for a more cyber resilient Netherlands for everyone.


"We have developed an innovative product to help them to achieve this", Norbert continues. "Nautilus is designed to ensure protection for OT and IoT devices. It includes an on-premise appliance and a hybrid software platform, monitored 24/7. It's available in 2 versions: one for the larger organisations and one for smaller satellite plants or network segments." 


“We have a strong belief in the strength of our solution as we launch Nautilus OT. The traction we’re garnering from SMEs across the EU, particularly those involved in automated production processes or seeking NIS2 compliance, underscores the relevance and necessity of our offering in today’s digital landscape” said Jeroen.


What sets Nautilus apart from similar solutions?


"The added value is that it creates actionable insights", Norbert explains. "SMEs don't have a risk department, so it needs to be relatively simple to get insight into actions that need to be taken. In our interface technological as well as organisational-related risks can be managed, meaning you only need 1 portal for all your cybersecurity needs."


Nautilus comes with a solution for generating executive cybersecurity reports, Norbert adds. " Our solution leverages generative AI that delivers practical insights into your networks, presenting information clearly and concisely for all audiences. We aimed to streamline cybersecurity discussions in the boardroom, making complex topics more accessible."


“Another significant differentiator is our status as a fully European company, ensuring that all data, including our AI technology, is securely stored and executed on EU-based servers”, said Jeroen.   


What made you decide to become a premium partner of Security Delta (HSD)?


"There are certain issues we do not really have enough time for ourselves, because we are very focused on our own product development", Marc begins. "We therefore value playing an active role in the security cluster, which is always beneficial for a business in order to gain access to information. Additionally, we are interested in learning what role HSD can play for its partners."


Atlantis saw added value in the direction HSD can provide, Marc explains. "The way things are done in the Netherlands, which direction to look in to obtain information in terms of funding for example. We are very much focused on our product development and onboarding clients, so HSD can help us with affairs we are currently less focused on."


"An example of that is the recruiting aspect (Security Talent)", Norbert continues. " We noticed that HSD has a strong understanding of the job market, which also interests us. In particular, we soon will hire more employees to handle the influx of new products. I enjoy conversing with peers via HSD, so it's wonderful to have that network available!".


Norbert continues by mentioning that: "The theme for 2024 appears to be OT security. That is great news for us because that is exactly our area of expertise. We witness firsthand how little competition there is in the Netherlands. Many consultants exist, but ours is unique as we haven't seen anything like it. We are currently implementing new features that allow us to connect to 3rd party environments with ease. "


What do you see as the biggest challenge in the field of security?


"To make cybersecurity more actionable,” Marc explains, “we believe the primary challenge lies in raising widespread awareness, particularly among SMEs, to take the issue seriously. Therefore, we believe that the urgency just needs to be present there as well."


Following Marc, Norbert adds: "Another major difficulty is that it's still mostly "legacy"—nothing has been developed yet! Networks and devices that are sometimes several decades old are suddenly being hooked up to the internet due to developments like Industry 4.0, often without proper security in place."


Could you tell me what your ambitions are for the coming years?


"Our goal is to establish a strong foothold in the automated production and manufacturing industry in Europe", Marc says. "This is not easy though! In the end, all we want is to be able to fill in that "hotline" and contribute in a meaningful way. We aim not only to benefit ourselves but also to elevate the reputation of Dutch startups through our efforts."


"Yes, in summary, our goal is to increase the cyber resilience of businesses across Europe", Norbert concludes. "Even if we can help 'just' a quarter of the market then we are (not yet satisfied) but happy!"

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