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In a world where digital threats loom large and cyber attackers move at lightning speed, we are the steadfast sentinels of security, the vigilant watchers of the digital realm. We are Atlantis Cyber Security, and our mission is nothing short of protecting the very heartbeats of the interconnected world: Operational Technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT).  


We are a blend of old-style hackers, newly trained security specialists and developers with a security and creative mind. We serve our clients with services and solutions related to OT/IoT and beyond.


Introducing Nautilus

With Nautilus, we introduce a cybersecurity platform that is not only developed using the trustworthy confines of European expertise but is also hosted in top-tier European datacentres.

Nautilus is designed to handle both specific industrial and more common protocols, ensuring comprehensive protection for your OT and IoT devices. It includes an on-premises appliance and a hybrid software platform, monitored by our Security Operations Centre. Our solution provides anomaly detection, vulnerability assessments and packages it in a holistic overview of your digital landscape.


We recognise the challenges businesses face in grappling with cyber risks, often hindered by costly solutions, limited functionalities, or concerns about data security, particularly with data housed outside Europe. Our solution addresses these concerns with a broadly deployable appliance, available in both physical and virtual formats. It monitors your network, employing machine learning to swiftly identify and alert you to threats.


Ensuring your data remains under the stringent and protective umbrella of European data protection laws, like GDPR, safeguarding your information and operations from external perils. By utilising European-based datacentres, we prioritise your data’s sovereignty, reducing latency, and ensuring optimal performance while keeping it shielded by European cybersecurity norms. 


Nautilus and our other solutions are intricately designed to seamlessly navigate the complex waters of business regulations and cybersecurity demands, offering a tailored fit for enterprises operating within and with Europe. Benefit from a global network of connections, but with the personal, localised support and security that only a European-based platform like Nautilus can offer. 

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