Introducing New HSD Campus Residents: Iristrace, Blue Whale Prexlr and ENC Security

20 dec 2017
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The HSD Campus welcomes three new residents:



Iristrace simplifies Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) processes by bringing the digital transformation to the front lines. Using everyone's mobile, the Iristrace SaaS or on premise solutions enable companies to better manage their critical safety, quality and operational processes as well as their supplier performance. Directly from those involved in the process.


Leading -global- companies in Retail, FMCG, Fashion, Hospitality, Automotive, Manufacturing and Government are benefiting from Iristrace’s simple approach to transform insights from risks mitigation programmes to tangible business value. Iristrace Mission: Iristrace mission is to simplify the way that teams collect, consolidate and analyse data from their members. Iristrace customers save time and money by using their mobile devices to collaborate on certification and self-certification processes, safety verifications, compliance programmes, audits, incidents, quality, environment, health and safety processes, and maintenance and repair processes and many more scenarios. Iristrace will help your enterprise leverage the power of digital to stay safer and turn business risks into business value!


Why HSD: Iristrace moved from Amsterdam to HSD Campus because a large proportion of the Iristrace business applications are in the GRC and EHS (Environment, health and safety) area. We also have requests from companies to help them implement compliance programmes for the new GDPR rules which will become active as of May 2018.



Blue Whale Prexlr

The Blue Whale PreXLR program is a unique program suited for early-stage cybersecurity startups that are looking to offer products and services in Europe. They facilitate an unique process to validate the commercial feasibility of your idea and assumptions about your potential customers and market and explore the best solutions. You will run experiments, build MVP’s (Minimal Viable Products) and talk to many potential customers. The program and your office space is based in Europe’s leading cybersecurity eco-system at HSD Campus. On top of this they work with seasoned program management who will help you to access the Western-Europe market (customers, partners, channels) or help you jump to the US or Asian market. At the end of the program, you will have a comprehensive and validated business model including your first customers and a go-to-market plan which will launch your business and readiness for investors.


For most startups, there’s not a lot of time to make the dream come true. During the Blue Whale 100-day PreXLR program they will find your launching customers, get you access to the Dutch and European cybersecurity market, achieve a solid product-market fit and meet investors. The BlueWhale PreXLR program is intended for startups and innovation teams in the Cybersecurity and Secured Technologies domain.



About ENC Security

ENC Security created a suite of software applications that give users unmatched certainty and assurance that their digital lives remain secure and private, regardless of what disaster may befall their digital devices. The most sold ENC DataVault application is a single software solution to easily store and and safely backup your important files and data. By storing files and folders in an impenetrable ENC DataVault, you’re assured that the most recent version of that folder or file is always available and always protected. Plus, a Vault(s) can be safely shared with designated colleagues or friends. All content is password-protected, encrypted, backed-up, and automatically synced, giving you peace of mind that your most valuable data remains secure in the event of loss, theft, or corruption.