HSD opens support desk for SME

08 feb 2013
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Starting today, SME entrepreneurs looking for growth in the security sector, can reach the specialized SME support desk of The Hague Security Delta: "MKB Connect" (MKB is the Dutch abbreviation for Small and Medium-sized enterprises). MKB Connect is an initiative of The Hague Security Delta and the Chamber of Commerce Innovation Centre. MKB Connect is designed to be accessible for everyone, offers practical support and assists entrepreneurs to find growth opportunities in the sector.


MKB Connect works with professionals from the City of The Hague, TNO MKB and The Hague Chamber of Commerce. The advisors have a strong understanding of the security sector, the (regional) businesses and the (financial) regulations at both European, regional and local levels. Depending on the situation, entrepreneurs can also be referred to external specialists.


MKB Connect is reachable by phone at +31.88.444.0.454 or via email at info@thehaguesecuritydelta.nl

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