Start Executive Master’s Programme Cyber Security

14 jan 2015
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On January 8th the executive Master’s programme Cyber Security started at the HSD Campus. 27 Professionals are participating in this multidisciplinary part-time academic programme, which lasts two-years. The programme is organised by the Cyber Security Academy The Hague (CSA).

Public private partnership
The programme is developed by Leiden University, Delft University of Technology, and The Hague University of Applied Sciences. They have combined their knowledge and expertise in education for professionals in the CSA. Various private partners are involved as well. Leiden University responsible for the programme. Upon successful completion of the programme, participants receive the diploma Master of Science (MSc) from Leiden University.

Cyber security professionals
Participants in the programme are highly educated professionals (computer scientists, lawyers, policy makers) with several years of professional experience in and affinity with issues related to cyber security who work in various private and public organisations dealing with cyber security issues. Their role is to contribute to strengthening of digital defensibility of states, organisations, and individual citizens.

The programme teaches the  participants to make connections between technical, legal, and social scientific aspects of cyber security, in order to come to effective and sustainable solutions for cyber risks and threats. This enables them  to contribute effectively to sustainable strategies for digital defensibility and security of society as a whole, including organisations and citizens. Participants develop an integrated vision on digital security.

The programme consists of 4 semesters: conceptualisation, specialisation, electives,  and a thesis. The first semester provides  a general introduction to cyber security. A common conceptualisation and basic knowledge is offered of cyberspace, cyber sub-domains, the use and abuse of the Internet, the actors in the (sub)domains, and their behaviour and the principles of cyber risk management. Basic aspects of involved legal and ethical issues, economic principles, and their impact and the complexity of governing and managing cyber security are taken into account as well. In the second semester participants can choose between a technical oriented track or a social scientific oriented track and in the third semester they can choose electives. Finally, in the fourth semester, they complete the master’s programme by writing a thesis based on an individual research project on cyber security.

CSA’s key lecturers come from Leiden University, Delft University of Technology, and The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Aditionally, guest lecturers from private and public organisations add a wide range of experience in cyber security. These parties include: management consultants (KPMG, VKA, KPN), technical specialists (NFI, ENCS, FOX-IT), as well as other experts.

About the CSA
The Cyber Security Academy initiates and stimulates the development and supervises the implementation of innovative Master’s degree programmes, several shorter courses and tailored tracks in the field of cyber security. The CSA is an initiative of the municipality of The Hague. Scholars and lecturers together with experts from private and public sectors translate these issues into a varied range of multidisciplinary learning tracks for highly educated professionals.

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