Dutch Cyber Security Council: Digital Delta Plan is Necessary

13 mrt 2017
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On 13 March, the Cyber Security Council of the Netherlands (CSR) launched a special edition of the CSR Magazine. According to the CSR The Netherlands is in need of a Digital Delta Plan and an inactive attitude is not an option. In the CSR Magazine, a number of government and business executives gave their opinion on what is necessary to make the digital environment of The Netherlands more secure and protect economic interests.


Among the authors of the magazine are: Herna Verhagen (PostNL), Marjan van Loon (Shell), Paul de Krom (TNO), Jos Nijhuis (Schiphol), Johan Arts (IBM Europe), Melanie Peters (Rathenau Instituut), Erik Akerboom (Nationale Politie), Ronald Prins (Fox-IT), Wim Kuijken (The Hague Security Delta, tevens Deltacommissaris), Bart Combée (Consumentenbond) en Gerrit van der Burg (OM). They advice the new government to appoint a ‘cyber commissioner’ or a ‘high executive’. This person has to draft a national cyber plan and has to take the lead in cyber security in The Netherlands. Currently, there is too much fragmentation causing a lack of effectiveness in the digital protection of our country. In the magazine it can also be read that the business community needs to take more responsibility in for instance providing secure hardware and software.  


Opportunity for The Netherlands

There are several big economical opportunities according to many authors of the CSR Magazine. The Netherlands can take the lead in the world in terms of cyber security. Likewise water management, cyber security can be a topic where The Netherlands can make the difference. There is much knowledge available but it is fragmented. By means of a better knowledge exchange and to invest in innovative products and services, The Netherlands can remain its international lead in the field of cyber security, as the secure digital gateway to Europe.


The CSR Magazine can be found here.

Read the official press release (in Dutch)

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