Cyber Security Week Kick Off With Hacklab Primary School

13 apr 2015
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Today, Alderman Ingrid van Engelshoven (Knowledge Economy, International, Youth and Education) opened the Cyber Security Week together with elementary students in the sixth grade (Dutch: groep 8) from the Paschalisschool. The students took part in the Hacklab Primary School, organised by Deloitte.


During the Hacklab, they learned how to be a hacker and found out what innovations the world is offering today and will be offering in the future. The children were taught by Deloitte’s own hackers; three time champions of the Global CyberLympics. The programme contained different kinds of interactive demonstrations, including the hacking of a computer network and social engineering. They also got the opportunity to experiment with gadgets like the Google Glass, a 3D printer, the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Glass and a robot arm.


With HackLab Deloitte aims to let children take a peek into the life of a hacker: to show them the risks of digitalization and maybe enthuse them to choose a technical study and end up being technical professionals themselves.


 A lot of journalists reported on the event, including Het Jeugdjournaal, TV West, BNR, NOS radio 1, Den Haag FM, Telegraaf, AD Haagse Courant en de Stadskrant.

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