PIB Germany: Factfinding to Business Metropole Ruhr

14 september 2023
Bochum, Germany
InnovationQuarter, Security Delta (HSD), RVO, Consulate General in München and Business Metropole Ruhr

As part of the Partners for International Business Programme Cybersecurity Germany, we are organising a factfinding mission to Business Metropole Ruhr in Essen for the participants of this programme.


During this event the following topics are adressed:

  • Introduction to Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH and the Ruhr Metropolitan Region
  • The success story of G DATA 
  • Introduction into the regional IT security landscape Ruhr Metropolitan Region
  • Personal experience in founding and growing an IT business in Germany
  • Funding and cooperation opportunities
  • Introduction to the Dutch IT security ecosystem
  • Presentation of Dutch “Partners in Business Programme” and the participating companies
  • Visit GData Cyber Security exhibition

The day will conclude with an informal dinner with the attendees of the G DATA & IONIS Tech Day 2023, which will allow the participants of the factfinding mission to meet the local German cybersecurity network.

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