I-Lead Industry & Research Days

06 september 2022 - 08 september 2022
09:00u - 17:00u
Security Delta (HSD), The Hague, Netherlands
I-Lead, Europol, Enlets, European Clearing Board and Security Delta (HSD)

The i-LEAD project, in collaboration with European partners, is organising Industry & Research Days in The Hague, Netherlands, from September 6th to 8th, 2022. The event's goal is to gather information about available technology and innovative solutions for law enforcement agencies. Representatives from industry and research will present technologies and innovative solutions related to the scope and objectives of i-LEAD at the meeting.


This is an opportunity to:

  • Directly present solutions to representatives of law enforcement agencies from many European countries.

  • Learn about the needs and requirements of practitioners.

  • Learn how to improve your technology to better meet the needs of practitioners in the field.

  • Discuss potential new projects and initiatives.

  • Contribute to a continuous dialogue and sense of community among EU law enforcement.

The event will be organised into stations based on the Practitioner Group, where invited companies will set up, showcase, and demo their specific technologies. Furthermore, in dedicated breakout sessions, each company will have the opportunity to present its tools or services to a larger audience.


All applications must be submitted by July 30, 2022, and will be reviewed by LEA practitioners. Invitations to the i-LEAD Industry & Research Days will be issued based on practitioners' preferences for the best tools to improve their work activities and meet their needs.

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