Cyber Security Mission from The Netherlands to Singapore

18 september 2017 - 22 september 2017
Nederlandse Overheid, Netherlands Enterprise Agency & TNO

Singapore and the Netherlands, the most connected countries based on its flow in goods, services, finance, people and data. As a result, both countries have strong cyber security needs, and, even more important, excellent solutions to offer. This mission kick-starts the transfer of cyber security technologies from the Netherlands to Singapore. IoT security, fintech, cybercrime, internet forensics, blockchain, information security; basically: any solution that contributes to the global cyber security challenge can join the mission.


Several joint activities will be conducted, to develop mutual understanding of the Singapore cyber security eco-system and to create new business opportunities for start-ups, scale-ups or small and medium enterprises.


Mission activities

- Singapore International Cyber Week,

- Tech Innovation,

- Tour de Singapore,

- Match making,

- Opportunities to arrange some special events,

- And more to come.


The Cyber Tech Transfer Mission is organised by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research with support of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.


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