Erik Remmelzwaal
Molenstraat 36, 4761 CL Zevenbergen

The Zolder team mainly wants to create a company that forms an ideal foundation for security work. Together, the founders Rik, Theo, Erik, and Wesley have over thirty years of work experience in various domains of cybersecurity research. The four have specific hacking, malware, reverse engineering, data analysis, and IT management skills. Customers can rely on their in-depth digital knowledge: from the basics of electrical engineering to networking, operating systems, and applications, incident response in case of virus outbreaks and strategic development of both security hardware and software.


The main goal of the four at Zolder is to be able to conduct autonomous and pragmatically applied security research for parties who need it. Because a substantial part of the Dutch business community is already transforming and implementing digitization processes, it is extremely important from a social perspective that security professionals think about how we can safely adopt the digital technology of the future. Zolder responds to this need by using all jointly accumulated knowledge and experience in the development of new solutions.


Zolder offers Pentesting and Honeypot services and has developed Attic Security, which hardens and monitors Microsoft365 installations.


Zolder Corporate Image