Wanted: European Cyber Security & Privacy Innovations

02 juli 2015
Auteur: HSD Foundation

IPACSO (The European Innovation Framework for Privacy and Cyber Security Market Opportunities) invites leading security businesses to compete in their Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Awards and promote themselves as an industry leader.


IPACSO is a private consortium aimed at supporting Privacy and Cyber Security innovations in Europe. Its aim is to support ICT Security innovators with State of the Art methodologies and best practices in their innovation process, that will help them to find their road to market faster, more effective and more efficient. IPACSO is supported by the European Commission, and aims to improve the competitiveness of the European Cyber Security & Privacy market.


With the Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Awards, the IPACSO consortium, supported by the European Commission, awards Privacy and Cyber Security Innovators in Europe. More than 300 companies and researchers are competing, reaching over 20,000 security stakeholders in Europe.


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