Visit Ministry of Defence

01 nov 2018
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On 30 October, HSD welcomed Brigadier General Wilfred Rietdijk and Eimert Hornstra of the Ministry of Defence at the HSD Campus. They visited HSD to get a better understanding of the value of a security ecosystem, learn about how public-private collaboration on security can be organised and how HSD and its partners have evolved. The reason behind their visit was their assignment to set up a cyber innovation hub for, among others, the Ministry of Defence.


EclecticIQ, Cybersprint and Compumatica gave an insight in their growth and involvement within HSD:


  • EclecticIQ gave a presentation to the Ministry of Defence officials on how becoming part of the HSD network has led them to access international markets and garner new contacts via HSD partners. Furthermore, they spoke about their involvement in the NCIAs' accelorator programme with help of HSD Office. EclecticIQ is a company that was set up in 2014 consisting of a team of 90 employees with a strong background in threat analysis. EclecticIQ supports dedicating teams of threat analysists who are working full-time on reducing the digital risks of an organisation. 
  • The Brigadier-General then visited Cybersprint. Cybersprint protects organisations from cyber threats by providing continuous real-time insights into their entire online footprint and current digital risks. By making the invisible vulnerabilities visible and initiating remedial actions, Cybersprint's cyber security platform actively contributes to the protection of businesses, employees and the reputation of organisations worldwide.  
  • Brigadier-General Rietdijk finally visited Compumatica, a Dutch producer of cyber security solutions in the field of encryption and networksecurity. Compumatica's services have been used by a collection of contractors, including the Ministry of Defence which depends on Compumatica's solutions to protects its data between various locations that include the Caribean.


Furthermore, the role of HSD Office in the exploration of a pre-competitive Open Source Data Diode was discussed. HSD Office is currently organising a pre-competitive market consultation on this topic, which will take place later this month.

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