Value Creation Capital Invests in MindYourPass to Drive Further Growth

24 mei 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

MindYourPass, a provider of password management and digital security solutions, announced that Value Creation Capital has invested in the company. The investment will be used to drive MindYourPass' growth and further accelerate product development.


MindYourPass offers a password management solution for individuals and organizations that combines security, convenience and privacy. Unlike traditional password solutions, MindYourPass does not store passwords in a vault but calculates them using a formula. As a result, the risks of a vault are absent and passwords always meet the highest quality requirements. MindYourPass can also actively enforce and monitor organisations' password policies. 


"MindYourPass has experienced impressive growth and has developed a strong team and a unique, patented technology that clearly differentiates itself from existing password managers, which are repeatedly in the news when it comes to their vulnerabilities," said Aldebert Wiersinga, partner at Value Creation Capital. "We are excited to invest in the company and work together for continued growth and success."


"Value Creation Capital's investment enables us to accelerate our growth ambitions and further strengthen our position as a leading provider of password management and digital identity solutions," said Merijn de Jonge, CEO of MindYourPass. "We are very pleased to partner with Value Creation Capital as they are experienced tech entrepreneurs and we therefore look forward to a successful partnership."


Source: Value Creation Capital