Up to €25,000 Available for Cyber Resilience Solutions for Entrepreneurs

24 okt 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) form the foundation of the economy in the municipality of The Hague. With the increasing digitisation of business data and processes, entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber risks. Lack of awareness, limited resources and technical knowledge complicates their ability to protect themselves effectively against these threats. As part of the 8th edition of the Startup in Residence Intergov programme, solutions to this problem can be submitted for up to €25,000. This challenge is organised by the Municipality of the Hague and ImpactCity. 


In the municipality of The Hague, there are about 450 SMEs, many of which operate within critical infrastructure. Cybercrime is not only dangerous for these SMEs themselves, but also for larger multinationals and (semi-)governments. Although these larger multinationals and (semi-)governments. Although these larger players are generally better secured, the interconnectedness of companies in the digital world poses a challenge (chain security). It is possible for cybercriminals to gain access to larger targets through vulnerable SME links. It is not for nothing that the European Union has promulgated new regulations requiring companies to improve corporate cyber security.


Cyber risks are one of the many challenges entrepreneurs face today. The problem is that many SMEs have little or no awareness of cyber-secure business practices. They think they are not a target, but the likelihood of becoming a victim of cyber attacks is significant. In addition, entrepreneurs often do not know how to react when faced with a cyber attack. The action perspective is often lacking, leading them to take little or no action.


Submit your solution

Do you have a solution to strengthen the cyber resilience of SMEs in The Hague? So that entrepeneurs can be made aware of the risks and give them an action perspective? Then submit your pitch!


More information?

On 6 November from 13.00 - 14.00h you can join an info session. Register here


For more information about the Startup in Residence Programme and submissions, visit the website (in Dutch).


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