Unmanned Systems Platform, Organising Economic Growth

16 feb 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The industry of unmanned systems and data processing is growing rapidly. Each day, new applications are being developed and put on the market. To support and accelerate this growth potential, the Unmanned Systems Platform was founded.

The platform is an initiative of Innovation Quarter in cooperating with the organisation of TUSExpo, an international exhibition in the field of unmanned systems. The platform should quickly become a nationwide network of parties that operate with unmanned systems.  The reason why this platform was founded is that a large part of the unmanned systems industry is relatively new. Parties insufficiently know each other and knowledge is not always shared. Therefore, opportunities are not optimally utilised. Also, the use of some systems, such as flying with drones, is hampered by lagging regulations in the Netherlands. This limits  potential new developments.

The goals of the platform are:
- To strengthen the market and technological developments by bringing potential users, developers and providers together.
- To support the development of test facilities and demonstration sites in the Netherlands.
- To cooperate with industry associations to appeal to the
regulators on their responsibilities.

The Unmanned Systems Platform is currently looking for new business partners.
If you are interested in participating, you can contact Bert Klarus (Product Developer at Innovation Quarter).

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