Triple P Joins HSD Community as Premium Partner

19 nov 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Triple P has joined the HSD community as a Premium Partner. Triple P stands for ‘’People Perform best as Partners’’. The focus of the organisation is based upon three pillars, namely Communication, Collaboration and Security.  They have specialised knowledge and advise on collaboration and communication applications between organisation teams. They provide functionality, but also effectiveness. To enable users to use the resources and to achieve optimum returns.


Triple P describes themselves as an extension of organisations and ensures that everything related to the communication & collaboration platforms makes organisations ready to optimize the synergy between people, both internally and externally . And after the acquisition of Digital Investigation, they also have everything in their portfolio to ensure that the environment of organisations is and remains safe. Triple P offers many services regarding security including Network Security Monitoring, Pentesting, Cyber Security Assessment, Incident Response, Digital Forensic Investigation, Security Consulting, Threat Hunting and Source Code Reviews. 


Sharing knowledge and create new synergy

Triple P decided to join the HSD security cluster because they want to share their knowledge with the other partners and create new synergy. Furthermore, they want to start and increase collaborations.  The challenges that Triple P identify in the security domain are: awareness of possible cyber threats, appointing responsibility of Cyber Security Within a (IT) position and lack of knowledge.


Mitch Post, Sales Manager Triple P & Digital Investigation: “Based on our expertise in the field of security and digital forensic investigation, we would like to share this with partners and develop further collaborations in this area. Our ultimate goal is to work together on a safer, digital Netherlands.”


Triple P & Digital Investigation 

Creating synergy is something Triple P firmly believes in. Working together to strengthen each other and achieve an even better end result. In addition to their managed services on communication and collaboration, they saw that it is inextricably linked to Cyber Security. That is why Triple P and Digital Investigation have been working together for years to fight for a better and digitally safe landscape. This collaboration between Triple P and Digital Investigation led to Triple P taking over Digital Investigation in February 2019.