Mayors and Aldermen of South Holland Convene to Address Cyber Resilience for SMEs

01 juni 2024
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Today mayors and aldermen of South Holland came together to discuss the cyber resilience for SMEs in the region. The meeting, organised by the Province of South Holland, the Municipality of The Hague, and Security Delta (HSD) aimed to emphasise the urgency of cyber resilience, and to initiate concrete steps for cooperation and action among the participating municipalities.   


During the meeting, attended by administrators from 21 municipalities, the need for cooperation and knowledge sharing to improve the digital security of companies and chains was reiterated. Research and practical experience show that many SMEs still need to take steps in cyber resilience.


Meindert Stolk, deputy of the province of South Holland, stresses, ‘As cyber threats increase, it is essential that we work together to strengthen the digital resilience of our SMEs. Only through joint efforts can we ensure the economic continuity and security of our region.’


The meeting discussed various initiatives to strengthen cyber resilience in the South Holland region. It was stressed that it is crucial to combat fragmentation and increase the impact of these initiatives through cooperation between the province, municipalities, and various partners. By acting together, municipalities and other stakeholders can present a strong front against cybercrime and strengthen the digital resilience of SMEs in South Holland.


Saskia Bruines, alderman for finance, culture, economic development, Municipality of The Hague, states:

‘The Hague has been committed to increasing cyber resilience of SMEs for years. We work together with different layers of government to learn from each other and join forces on cyber resilience. In turn, we share this knowledge with entrepreneurs in the city. Exchanging knowledge between entrepreneurs is also very valuable. We therefore encourage mutual cooperation and the conversation on how to improve cooperation.’



Nur Icar, alderman for SMEs, work and participation, Municipality of The Hague, adds:

‘Cybersecurity is often not high on entrepreneurs’ priority list, while cyber attacks can have a big impact. For example, loss of customer data and reputational damage. Small business owners are especially vulnerable due to weaker security. It is very important that they become aware of these risks and invest in security measures and awareness training.’


Meeting programme

The session began with a welcome address and a panel discussion led by Cyber Mayor Cornelis Visser. The panel consisted of Meindert Stolk, Nur Icar, Saskia Bruines, and Joris den Bruinen, director/director of Security Delta (HSD).


Focusing on the programme, Remco Spithoven of Saxion was on hand to share his views on cybercrime and the role of municipalities and provinces, while Martin van Gogh of Batenburg Techniek shared a real-life story from an entrepreneur in the region and cited the importance of the Cyber Resilience Centres in South Holland.


Cyber Mayor Visser then led an interactive session for the administrators to discuss themes such as cyber resilience in SMEs. Why is this important for their municipality, what challenges do they face, possible collaborations, and what steps can they take in case of a hacked company?


Foundation for future collaboration

The Administrative Consultation Cyber Resilience SMEs South Holland provided a valuable platform for exchanging knowledge, experiences, and best practices, laying the foundation for further cooperation to protect the digital economy. As a result of this session, municipalities in South Holland are committing to action by organising activities for SMEs during Cybersecurity Month in October, aiming to strengthen their digital security.

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