Ten New Cyber Teams to Combat Cybercrime at Dutch National Police

13 jan 2017
Auteur: HSD Foundation

According to Erik Akerboom, Commissioner of the Dutch Police, crime is shifting to fraud and cyber crime. To combate this, the police is in need for new expertise. That is why every region will be extended with a cyber team. The cyber teams will exist of at least 10 detectives, supported by digital specialists who can analyse the (big) data of the digital world.


This year and in 2018 the police will recruite hundreds of digital specialists. It will be a challenge to recruite these specialist, because of a shortage of cyber security and IT talent. To improve the access to talent in cyber security, HSD recently published a ‘Human Capital Actieagenda Cyber Security’ and launched the renewed securitytalent website.


Within the security cluster HSD, the national police is already working together with innovative businesses and knowledge institutions (TNO) on the programmes Big Data, Fraud, Real Time Intelligence and Sensing.


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