Royal Dutch Shell visits HSD Campus and Meets Partners

17 jan 2019
Auteur: HSD Foundation

A delegation from Shell visited HSD campus on 17 January to gain a better understanding of emerging innovations. This delegation consisted largely of people from the Intellectual Property department, several with IT functions, as well as the Head of Cyberdefence Monitoring & Response was present. They were here to broaden their knowledge about IP and legal related solutions, both in the cyber domain and beyond. The session was part of a programme organised by InnovationQuarter.


The program was filled with interesting keynotes discussing their own domain of expertise. Startpage kicked off by demonstrating their search engine and how it secures complete privacy when searching the internet, while still receiving Google-results. For this, Startpage has been nominated for the Netherlands Privacy Awards, which will reveal their winners on 28 January this year.


Evalueserve joined secondly and showcased Insightloupe, their very own In-Process Research & Development application hosting patent search and intelligence. Evalueserve cooperated with Shell in the past and therefore familiar to some of Shell’s employees.  


Next up was Cybersprint visualising their widespread capabilities of detecting threats while emphasising the risks that any company, including Shell, is up against on a daily basis. Cybersprint has grown significantly in the last years and is experienced in the cooperation with large organisations like Shell.


Iristrace concluded the plenary session by showing how their SaaS solution organises and simplifies the (safety) procedures that employees of Shell are obligated to follow on a daily basis. Iristrace’s Chief Operating Officer formerly worked for Shell and applied this understanding to design the solution. InnovationQuarter finished with a clear illustration of the Blockchain landscape and how it relates to a corporation like Shell.


By the end of the session, the potential for collaboration was explored resulting in two possible partnerships.


Pieter Jansen Shell

Using QR codes for raising brand awareness: Shell employees photograph QR code to visit LinkedIn page of Cybersprint’s CEO Pieter Jansen

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