Second HSD Issue Brief: Safe Cities, Hot Cities: Balancing Security, Economic Vitality and Livability

15 mei 2014
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Many major global cities today are developing a recognisable international profile to become vibrant and attractive hubs to live, work and play. While some cities promote their architecture, quality of life, or the creativity of their industries for this purpose, the city of The Hague enhances its international reputation by emphasising the presence of prominent international institutions. This global standing has been further improved through the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS), the largest conference ever held in the city involving the most comprehensive security precautions ever seen on Dutch soil. Such international profiling initiatives yield a wide range of opportunities, but they also present risks as they impact local economic activity and urban livability.


The second HSD Issue Brief disentangles these concerns and dilemmas, and suggests ways to find a more effective balance between security and livability in cities.


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