Schiphol Airport Most Cyber Secure Airport in the World

04 feb 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The 2020 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) urged the consideration of emerging cybersecurity challenges in the aviation industry, as addressed in its “Advancing Cyber Resilience in Aviation: An Industry Analysis” report. To shed some light on the current state of aviation transportation security, ImmuniWeb decided to conduct research on cybersecurity, compliance and privacy of some of the world's largest airports.


Top 3 Most Secure Airports

During the research 3 international airports were identified that successfully passed all the tests without a single major issue being detected:

1. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EU/ The Netherlands)

2. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (EU)

3. Dublin Airport (EU)


Read more about the state of Cybersecurity at Top 100 Global Airports, here.


Source: ImmuniWeb