Reconnaissance Mission: Dutch Visit to CyberSec2024 in Taiwan

21 mei 2024
Auteur: HSD Foundation

A reconnaissance mission from the Netherlands visited Taiwan this week. Positioned strategically in the global supply chain, this country plays a pivotal role in the semiconductor and ICT industries. Based on the development in cybersecurity landscapes of The Netherlands and Taiwan, this mission was set up to explore new economic opportunities.


This mission is a collaboration between RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency), Netherlands Innovation Network, Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, InnovationQuarter and Security Delta (HSD). Participants included HSD partners EclecticIQ and IBM/ReaQta. This mission had several goals, such as showcasing the Dutch Public Private Partnership approach, exchanging knowledge, exploring business clients/partnerships, and finding Taiwanese companies to set up an office in The Netherlands/The Hague.


The mission kicked off with a visit to the Taiwanese Ministry of Digital Affairs, where participants met the Director General of the Ministry of Digital Affairs and director of Industrial Technology Research Institute and their teams, and exchanged insights in Public Private Partnerships and future collaborations.


The core of the week was a visit to CyberSec 2024, one of the largest cyber security conferences in South East Asia. The delegation visited the Taiwan Pavilion, provided presentations and were presented with showcases of cyber security innovations. Many conversations took palce leading to serious leads, including on setting up an office in The Netherlands/The Hague. 


Delegation leader Joris den Bruinen (General Director of HSD) gave a keynote speech at the CyberSec 2024 for an audience of appr. 1000 attendees, directly following the Taiwanese president elect. He spoke about 'The Netherlands perspective on Cyber Security. In the era of emerging threats and EU directives, how to deal with it in public private partnerships.'


Part of this mission were investor relations meetings with Lanner and Keypasco who recently set up an office in The Hague/HSD Campus and TX-ONE in Eindhoven. A Netherlands/Taiwan Cyber Security eco-system network meeting also took place with several companies interested in the incoming cyber mission from Taiwan to the CyberSecurityWeek/ONE Conference in The Hague during the Cyber Security Week in October 2024.


The delegation also visited several businesses/organisations, like ACW South Base’s CyberSecurity & Smart Technology building with their cyber testbeds, CHT Security and Lanner’s head office and factory lines.


Lastly, a debriefing took place with the whole delegation at the residence of the Representative of The Netherlands Guido Tielman. Concluding we are building on the existing ‘economic cyber security roadmap The Netherlands to Taiwan’, that we are already having results as an outcome of our collaborations and that we aim for more impact towards the future.

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