Qatar Business Opportunities for HSD Partners – World Cup 2022

25 juli 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Qatar and its partners are investing on a large scale to prepare for the World Cup 2022 and to upgrade the region’s general sport industry. The lead buyers for this event are coming to Amsterdam on October 3-4 to find suppliers during the Aspire4Sport Conference. In collaboration with Amsterdam Trade, HSD would like to invite its partners to register for this 2-day reverse meeting exhibition and networking session. According to HSD partner Deloitte the Qatari government intends to spend over $70bn on infrastructure and transport as well as hotels and stadia. In addition, another sports event has been recently added to the calendar of Qatar, as the country was granted the right to host the 2019 17th IAAF World Championships, boosting the construction of sports venues even further.


As listed in their Business Opportunities Report, they are also looking for innovative security solutions for:


  1. Sourcing, assembly and installation of security cameras linked to the centralised security control/CCTV system
  2. Sourcing, assembly and installation of video surveillance storage systems
  3. Manufacturing, storage and rental or sale of temporary, rapidly deployable fences
  4. Sourcing and installation of active and passive vehicle security barriers (VSBs) which can maintain stand-off from hostile vehicles, in accordance with PAS68 international standards
  5. Sourcing and installation of LPS 1175 security rated doors
  6. Assembly, installation and maintenance of access control and intruder detection systems that control and monitor access into secure spaces
  7. Manufacture, assembly and installation of turnstiles to control the flow of spectators into the stadiums

The reverse meeting exhibition entails that instead of the usual format where suppliers have to wait for the sports business executive to walk past their table, Qatari Sports Business executives will host their own table and pave the way for international suppliers to showcase their solutions and products in a set of pre-arranged meetings. A total of 150 suppliers will be selected. Participation is free of charge.


Registration is possible via this link.


More information is available here. If you need any further advice, please contact Bert Feskens via