Police Academy Launches Classroom of the Future

07 dec 2015
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Police responds to the changing world with Innovation Experience Room
On Friday 4 December,  the Innovation Experience Room ‘The iX’ was opened at the Police Academy in Apeldoorn. In this state of the art living lab, professionals as well as students can experience the possibilities of the latest technologies. It also allows them to learn how real time data, such as bodycams, sensors, drones and social media can be exchanged, brought together and analysed. The iX is an example of how businesses, the National Police and the Police Academy work together successfully within the national security cluster HSD. A number of key focus areas from the National Innovation Agenda for Security (NIAV), such as 'Networked Information at Interchanges' come together in this cooperation.

The iX combines real-time practice and education, using the latest technologies. There is a large video wall, touch table, touch foil presentation opportunities and a fiber optic connection, enabling fast connection and optimal streaming. The iX also has a live connection to the HSD Campus, the national innovation centre for security in The Hague. This makes it the perfect place to test innovations that are developed within the security cluster HSD, in practice.

Classroom of the future
The iX is designed to allow teachers and students to experience how innovation can contribute to education. It is the classroom of the future. Teachers can use the technical possibilities offered by iX in their curriculum. The facilities are also great for practices by and for the police.


Theme Day Innovation
The opening took place during the theme day innovation, where the participants could experience what opportunities innovation brings for policing and education. This day was organised by the Police Academy, the National Police and Jong Blauw.

During this theme day there was attention for all types of innovation: technological, social and process innovations. Through different workshops, stands and activities, the participants were introduced to: sensing and the influence of sensing technology, citizen participation in policing, rule-free teams, the use of avatars, the Oculus Rift, laser shooting, gaming, the use of robotics, the I-Watch, Bodycams, MEOS and police search database KOMPOL.

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