Opportunities in Europe

21 jan 2022
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Many start-ups and scale-ups find great success within the Dutch market. The next step might be daunting: internationalisation. To meet new business partners and grow your business, a logical next step could be in Europe. Where to begin? What are the possibilities, and where to reach out to when looking for advice and information? HSD Office is prepared to assist in offering valuable advice and information, to ensure that your branching out into the greater European market will be a successful endeavour.


HSD Focus countries


Innovation liaison Joeri Glastra was able to give some helpful initial advice for all businesses looking to expand abroad: “I would always recommend contacting the local embassy or consulate. They have been active in your target country for many years and will be knowledgeable when it comes to doing business there, and aware of many opportunities you might miss out on when doing research individually.” For Dutch companies interested in expanding into Germany for example, you might be pointed towards the German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Germany is a country that HSD has its focus on in Europe. It is the number one market for Dutch cybersecurity companies venturing abroad. For the German market a Partners In Business (PIB) programme is under construction. An article on the proposed PIB programme for Germany can be read here


Depending on your ambitions, we can involve you in our trade programming towards different focus countries, guide you in your development of an internationalisation plan and/or help choose the relevant countries for you. We offer multi-year market development programmes you can take part in, soft-landing opportunities you can utilize and internationalisation advice & matchmaking for your company.


Businesses within the HSD Community are offered the opportunity to explore market opportunities and receive support to build up a strong network across a variety of focus countries, that range from Germany to Taiwan. We also organise events that can help kickstart or expand your international ambitions, such as trade missions and roundtables. For more information on our focus countries, soft-landing programmes and market development programmes, consult our website.


SecurIT Open Call opening 25 January


One of the upcoming European opportunities to possibly obtain funding for your project is the SecurIT Open Call, that opens on 25 January and will last until 26 April. This European project aims to create a new competitive security industrial value chain, by providing funding to selected projects, consisting of at least two European SMEs.  Projects may receive up to 88.000 euros in funding, depending on a proposed solution’s readiness level. 


More information on the SecurIT Open Call may be found here, or can be obtained by contacting our innovation liaison Joeri Glastra at joeri.glastra@thehaguesecuritydelta.com.


Also make sure to read the article “Unique European funding opportunity for innovative security solutions and security experts!


Training programmes Globaliser and Coaching for SMEs


SMEs wanting to look beyond our borders might be interested in the Globaliser programme, organised by InnovationQuarter and designed by Dutch Basecamp, with Security Delta (HSD), the municipality of the Hague, and the province of Zuid-Holland in supporting roles. During this 12-week programme participating companies will be challenged to formulate an internationalisation strategy based on market research. Experienced entrepreneurs, CEOs of companies that are already operating globally, and international business coaches share their knowledge and lessons learned. The business culture of your target country will be examined,and the peer-to-peer learning is priceless. The programme is an excellent opportunity to network with your peers and exchange valuable information when it comes to entering new markets.


Last but not least, InnovationQuarter and the Hague Business Agency offer the ‘International Market Entry Coaching’ for companies that are situated in the The Hague Region. Participants of this programme catered specifically to SMEs from every sector, not just the security field, will get a unique opportunity to learn all about tapping into the German, Denmark or UK markets. Participating companies receive intensive personal guidance and access to valuable contacts abroad, as well as workshops on topics such as taxes, marketing, and cultural awareness. Participation is free of charge and entering is possible until 6 February 2022.