Access to Market

Security challenges do not stop at the borders of a city, region, or country. We help organisations to enter national and international markets. Making it possible for organisations to scale-up their innovations and execute their growth strategies. We also actively connect security challenges from end-users to experts within our network.


Looking to internationalise your business? 

Have access to multiple security market opportunities first-hand with the HSD network! HSD and InnovationQuarter, together with partner organisations like the European Enterprise Network (EEN), advise and support security companies in their internationalisation. 


Depending on your ambitions, we can involve you in our trade programming towards different focus countries, guide you in your development of an internationalisation plan and/or help choose the relevant countries for you. We offer multi-year market development programmes you can take part in, soft-landing opportunities you can utlize and internationalisation advice & matchmaking for your company. 




Market Development Programmes

Businesses in the HSD Community are offered the opportunity to explore market opportunities and receive support to build up a strong network in the following countries: