Online Kick-off meeting PIB Germany

07 dec 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On Friday 4 December a Kick-off PIB meeting took place on cybersecurity in southern Germany. The Kick-off meeting PIB Germany was an online event for the companies participating in the Partners for International Business (PIB) Germany and was organised by InnovationQuarter in collaboration with HSD Office.


During the session Willem Bulthuis gave a presentation on the German cyber security landscape. He shared tips on how to do business in southern Germany as a Dutch cyber security provider. After that, the participants were given the opportunity to get to know each other better in break-out sessions. The Kick-off ended with an amusing PIB quiz about the participating companies and about Germany.


After completing information sessions earlier this year, picking up interests and conducting intake interviews with participants, it was important to introduce the participants to each other. This led to the digital Kick-off. A succesful PIB-program is built on joint forces, so in order to establish cooperation it is important to know who is involved.


Participants involved in the PIB-program are ATS Card Solutions, Axite, Business Forensics, Compumatica, Cybersprint, Cyber Inc., EclecticIQ, FoxIT, Hudson Cybertec, JanusID, Secquard and InnovationQuarter.


The preliminary phase of the PIB-program to Germany was mainly guided by InnovationQuarter (IQ). In the phase coming up ahead HSD Office and IQ will jointly play a leading and coordinating role in the PIB Germany. Completing and submitting a business case, drawing up an action plan and agenda after approval are the next steps for this program.

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