Irwin Oedayrajsingh Varma
Initiator and managing director
013 - 5211 256
Kerkhoven, Schijfstraat 8, Unit 2.05, 5061 KB Oisterwijk

ORIBI ID-Solutions is the first company to translate identity processing into business process optimisation. In our view, checking an identity is not an objective in itself but a means to an important objective. An identity is verified for a reason. This reason can be quite diverse, such as granting access, deploying personnel, registering a citizen, requesting a form or entering into a contract. ORIBI ID-Solutions always provides a suitable solution: it starts with a good ID!


With our software solutions, you can identify someone really quickly. Process optimisation often plays an important role and we are happy to provide support when considering innovative software and integrations with your existing business software. With our ID-solutions, organisations are able to check personal data of citizens, customers, employees and visitors in an efficient manner. 

We give our customers certainty in an efficient and simple way that they are dealing with the right person. That creates confidence. The confidence that you know who is in front of you and confidently entrusted something to him or her.