Onegini Premium Partner HSD

10 dec 2015
Auteur: HSD Foundation

HSD is very happy to announce Onegini as Premium Partner. Onegini protects customer personal data and enables secure transactions, using any device any time. The company’s award-winning Mobile Security Platform provides organisations with an easy way to deliver mobile apps. The Onegini team consists of security specialists whose job it is to identify new threats in the mobile space and translate them into state-of-the-art mobile app protection. Onegini already protects data for millions of end users in the banking, insurance and transport markets.

The cooperation between InnovationQuarter and HSD played an important role in their decision to join. “Signing up as a Premium Partner of the national security cluster The Hague Security Delta (HSD) was a logical next step after the investment from the InnovationQuarter. We strongly believe in partnerships, networking and connecting with likeminded people and companies. Leveraging the HSD network will help us to accelerate our business internationally.” 

Next to their expertise and innovating technologies, they enable organisations to work together. They are building a strong ecosystem with global companies, which can help other HSD partners to grow their business. They are always looking for new partners:
- Technology Partners who provide tools that integrate with the Onegini platform to extend functionality and use of Onegini products in their solutions to deliver more robust solutions to their customers.
- App Developers who use the Onegini platform to offer their customers bank grade security for their consumer apps.
- System Integrators who combine Onegini products with their technology expertise and services to design, plan, and implement digital solutions. 

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