NWO National Cyber Security Call Offers 5,5 Million Euros of Funding

22 okt 2018
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On 17 October, NWO opened their new cyber security call with a fund worth 5,5 million euros. The purpose of this fund is to financially support the collective desire for a single, broadly encompassing research on cybersecurity. The results of this project are to contribute to the level of knowledge in the field of cybersecurity we currently possess but which are applicable on a short-term basis in public and private sectors where involved partners of this project operate.


Proposals can be submitted before 24 January 2019.  


The call is prepared and funded by the NWO domains: Sciences (ENW), Social Sciences and Humanities (SGW) and by the Taskforce Practice-Oriented Research SIA. Through the participation of SIA, the connection with research in higher professional education is made. The ENW funds come from the cybersecurity and big data budget.




If you consider participation in the coming national cyber security NWO long-term research call, join the Matchmaking Cybersecurity 2018 which will take place at the New Babylon in The Hague on the 13th of November.



In this third edition, various academic, public and private parties will be brought together alongside a set of research disciplines. This is all with the intention of achieving research cooperations and agreements in the field of cybersecurity. The facilitating of this has been done by involved partners that include: dcypher, Commit2Data, Social Infrastructure Agenda and the Top Sector Creative Industries.


All those interested are encouraged to attend. This event does not concern solely academic researchers but also researchers of universities of applied sciences and representatives of public and private parties. The goal of the NCSRA III is to tackle challenges that are categorised in five pillars that are formulated based upon various angles and disciplines: 'design', 'defence', 'attacks', 'governance' and 'privacy'.

For more information, please see the following page (in Dutch).


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