Kick-off project Big Data & Event Security with student team at HSD Campus

26 jan 2017
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Monday 23 January 2017 five bachelor students from Leiden University, specialisation Information Technology & Economics, started their bachelor thesis project at the campus of The Hague Security Delta (HSD) on Big Data & Event Security. This is part of the Big Data & Security program powered by HSD and supported by several partners.


The safety and security of events in public areas holds many challenges for parties involved, such as the cities, event organizers, public safety professionals (police, emergency medical service, fire brigade), security guards, local residents and others. Challenges include:

  • Managing costs of event security (safety & security plans, efficient deployment of personnel);

  • the interdependencies between actors (both in information provisioning and collaborative action);

  • combining fun aspects for visitors with effective safety & security measures;

  • scalability and mobility of solutions;

  • added value, savings and requirements of information sharing platform for all stakeholders.

The students will all define their own research questions for these challenges and work together with public and private partners. Leiden University, KPN and Prooost will mentor the students in the coming months.

Involved organisations are: Leiden University, KPN, Prooost, Gemeente Den Haag, TU Delft, Siemens, Cocoon Risk Management, CBS and DITSS.

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