Joris den Bruinen: "The Hague Takes the Lead in Local Cyber Approach for Organisations"

15 mei 2024
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Our director Joris den Bruinen was recently interviewed by 'Digitaal Veilig Den Haag' on digital security challenges and opportunities, with a focus on collaboration, innovation and the impact of new technologies such as AI and Quantum. Joris shares insights on HSD's role in increasing cyber resilience in sectors such as horticulture and highlights the importance of knowledge sharing and collaboration for a more secure digital future.


Joris den Bruinen: "HSD focusus on the themes Cybersecurity and Resilience, AI/Data&Intel and Smart Secure Societies. Here, we keep in mind not only technological developments, but also the human side and the process. For example, we execute several programmes for cyber resilience in which we help SMEs take their cyber security to a higher maturity level."


Read the full interview here