Innovation of Police Work Contributes to the Security of NL

03 mrt 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

As part of the collaboration between TNO and the National Police to enhance police work through innovation, a delegation from TNO and the National Police visited parts of the 'Landelijke Eenheid' on 27 February. They gained insights in how innovations contribute to the security of the Netherlands in practice. Examples of the innovations are:


The Fugitive Active Search Team (FastNL)

FastNL has worked on a software tool that predicts the behavior of the fugitives (with an irrevocable prison sentence) with the help of artificial intelligence. The algorithms used have been developed in coordination with the Onvindbaren programme and the Public Prosecution Service and can be accounted for transparently with a judge or supervisor. A test is currently being conducted on the new tool.



The Police and TNO Team Cyber Enabled Crime is working on applicable solutions to make the identity of users of the internet, and the Darkweb as part of that, transparent. It is precisely there that the investigative services can make up for the disruption and detection of criminal activities.


Henk Geveke, National Police: "Police work is constantly subject to the influence of new technologies and developments and innovation is necessary to continue to respond effectively to this. The shift in crime from physical to digital is a typical example of this. TNO as an institute for applied science can support us in this."

Source: Nationale Politie / TNO


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