Indian IT Company eMudhra opens European Headquarters in The Hague

20 nov 2019
Auteur: HSD Foundation

At the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2019 in Bangalore (India), eMudhra has formally announced the opening of its European headquarters in The Hague. eMudhra is known as an innovative, consumer-oriented group that provides path-breaking and maverick solutions to transform the way consumers interact with large organisations, including government. They are enabling secure authentication of people, applications and things.


One of the key deciding factors for establishing eMudhra’s European headquarters in The Hague is the fact that the city is very internationally oriented and that it has established itself as a major hub for cyber security in Europe. This is demonstrated by the presence of Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), the NATO Communications and Information Agency, the Dutch cybersecurity, intelligence and security agencies as well as a wide range of cyber security businesses. In addition, the city is also home to The Hague Security Delta (HSD).


“The Hague believes in close international cooperation between government, knowledge institutions and industry. In our region, we are fortunate enough to have such close cooperation between top universities, tech hubs, economic top sectors and businesses, which include Indian companies like HCL and Tech Mahindra. This is underlined by a government that promotes regional cooperation. We are proud to welcome eMuhdra to our city.” says Deputy Mayor of the City of The Hague, Saskia Bruines.



During the Summit, the Karnataka The Hague Innovation Corridor MoU was signed, in presence of Saskia Bruines, with the Department of IT, BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka for collaboration in fields of Health, Cybersecurity, Agri-tech and Peace & Justice. The MoU is a renewal of an earlier MoU signed in 2016, and will focus on identifying partnerships for tech innovation facilitation, startup exchanges and nurturing talent on both sides.





The visit to Bengaluru Tech Summit 2019 is part of the economic mission to India. During the visit from 17 to 20 November, cybersecurity, ICT and Impact Economy, including agriculture, will be central. The Hague Deputy Mayor of Economic Affairs is there, together with representatives of The Hague Business Agency, The Hague Tech, World Startup Factory, HSD represented by InnovationQuarter and Greenport. 

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