HSD Signs Letter of Support for the Coalition Digital Security Amsterdam

08 okt 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

At the start of the Security Week (Week van de Veiligheid) on 5 October 2020, Premium Partner Municipality of Amsterdam has brought together a coalition of partners to support local entrepreneurs in their digital security. The Hague Security Delta is one of the partners to support the initiative. The opening was performed by mayor and chairwoman of the Business Platform for Security (PVO), Femke Halsema.

Coalition goals

We undertake a lot online and our daily habitat has been shifted more to online due to the outbreak of Covid-19. This has a big impact on entrepreneurs. Recent research shows that 12 percent of the more than 750 entrepreneurs that took part in a survey in Amsterdam have already been victims of cybercrime. Half of these also suffered significant financial loss. This is expected to rise during the Coronacrisis due to bigger dependencies on digital channels and working from home. 

HSD signed a Letter of Support for the Digital Security Coalition Amsterdam. The Municipality of Amsterdam brought together a coalition of public and private partners that will focus on enhancing digital resilience, growing digital risk awareness, strengthening the information position, more Social Corporate Responsibility and lowering victimization and loss.



Involved parties

Security Week is an initiative of the Secure Business Platform (PVO). This year the week is all about resilience. Municipalities and entrepreneurs organize activities for citizens / their staff. The aim is to make people aware of forms of crime and to inform them how they can fight against it. The Koninklijke Horeca Nederland, Transport en Logistiek Nederland, Detailhandel Nederland, VNO-NCW, MKB-Nederland, police, the PVOs / RPCs, the Ministry of Justice and Security, the Center for Crime Prevention and Security (CCV) and more than 180 municipalities are committed to making this week a success. 


The letter of support was co-signed by the digital trust center (Ministry of Economic Affairs), Johan Cruijff Arena, CCV, PVO Amsterdam-Amstelland, Cyberwerf (Security Field Lab), MKB Cybercampus, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA), Cisco and KPN.


Chain dependencies

HSD Office’s Mark Ruijsendaal spoke about chain dependencies between entrepreneurs, were the cybersecurity problem of one can disrupt several others in the delivery chain. Several threats, different threat actors and possibilities to improve were discussed (on people, process and technology). Research shows that the smaller the company, the lower amount of taken precautions against cyberthreats. Everyone should take care of the basics ánd protect their key assets (crown jewels). This makes solutions fit for purpose but requires individual action to start with. 



The video from the opening day including the recorded knowledge sessions can be viewed on https://weekvandeveiligheid.evenementenorganisatie-amsterdam.nl/page/774916.


Also an aftermovie of the kickoff of this event can be viewed underneath:


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