HSD Releases New Finance Guide For Public Finance Opportunities

09 sept 2021
Auteur: HSD Foundation

HSD Office has released a Finance Guide where businesses, public organisations, knowledge institutions and non-profit organisations with innovative ideas can easily look for public finance opportunities. The main objective is to give innovative organisations a structured, up-to-date overview on possible finance opportunities in several relevant sectors. Resulting in a more efficient and effective way for organisations to find these opportunities.


The Finance Guide is divided into three categories: Regional, National and European. Furthermore, each category consists of a clear table with for example the name of the fund, target organisations, type of projects, stadium of the projects, project costs and type of finance. As a result, all finance opportunities are clearly structured which makes it easier for organisations to find an opportunity that suits to their field of knowledge or their particular projects.


The information in the Finance Guide will be kept up-to-date constantly in collaboration with our partner Leap. If relevant subsidies are missing, please let us know via info@thehaguesecuritydelta.com.


For more information about the Finance Guide, please go to the HSD Finance Guide page.

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