HSD Community Expands with 11 New Partners

04 nov 2019
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Today, 11 new partners have officially been welcomed to the HSD community during the weekly HSD Campus lunch. Tergos, Alliander, VulnIQ, Groupsense.io, Narabi Systems, Dutch Startup Association, ATS Card Solutions, YES!Delft, Audittrail, Ilionx, and CybExer add a wide variety of expertise to the Dutch security cluster.


The new partners were invited to introduce themselves to the community and talk about the added value of joining the HSD community.


Audittrail (Jorrit van de Walle):
“We've known HSD for a couple of years now. Because we are a knowledge based organisation, we believe in eco-systems. And we like to work with other companies, making the world a little safer".
Dutch Startup Association (Pieter Veldhuizen):
"There are a lot of start ups and scale ups. We want to broaden our scope. We are an organisation that brings a lot of people together. We try to bridge the gap. That’s what HSD also does".


General Director of HSD, Joris den Bruinen, is happy with the qualitative growth of new partners.  “Seeing that various organisations are still joining the HSD ecosystem, is a very positive trend. Developing solutions for societal security challenges and by collaborating we can make this society more resilient. It’s about protecting hope, building on trust and preaching business together. With this growth of new partners in this community, the ecosystem is spreading its wings further. Welcome to our new partners”.

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