HSD Campus Welcomes ERAC and ThreadStone

03 sept 2015
Auteur: HSD Foundation

In the first six month of 2015 the HSD Campus was further expanded and now offers more office space for innovative organisations looking to work in an inspiring setting: the HSD Campus is the living heart of the Dutch security cluster. Two companies that have seized this opportunity are ERAC and ThreadStone, which both have strong ties to HSD and its ‘Access to Capital’ agenda.


ERAC: “This is where new contacts and relationships are established that contribute to sustainable connections”
ERAC (European and Regional Affairs Consultants) is a strategic consultancy firm specialised in project development, transitions and financing possibilities. Their team of nearly 60 consultants creates durable links between strategies, government policies and relevant stakeholders in order to optimally utilise the chances offered by the Dutch and European context for governments, businesses and knowledge institutions.


In the early stage of the development of HSD, ERAC succesfully advised in obtaining European funding for the realisation of the HSD Campus. “The decision to settle on the HSD Campus is therefore a logical continuation of our strong cooperation”,  says managing partner Jasper Munier. “The campus is an ideal base for the field in which we operate: here we meet fellow tenants and external experts in an informal setting everyday. This is where new contacts and relationships are established that contribute to sustainable connections, which have already originated into several succesful collaborations and strategic development projects. Business and R&D benefit from the exchange of knowledge and expertise. To achieve this, making the right connections is the key. And that is precisely what is at the core of our services.”


ERAC can help parties to optimally make use of the many financing possibilities that are available for innovations in the Dutch security domain. One of those possibilties is the HSD Development Fund, which had two rounds of 1 million euro in the last two years. In 2014 ThreadStone Cyber Security - a consortium of ThreadStone, TNO and WorldStream - won the first prize and received co-financing.


ThreadStone: “The perfect environment for staying up-to-date.”
René van Etten, ThreadStone’s founder: “We aim to protect European SME’s against cybercrime by developing and supplying subscriptions that are accessible, low-priced and simple to use. Our services are indirectly brought to our end customers by hosting parties, insurers, infrastructure specialists and web developers.”


At the end of 2014 the ThreadScan solution of ThreadStone won the first prize and co-financing of the HSD Development Fund. “Together with TNO the platform has been thoroughly tested, the scans more ‘broadened’ and new solutions devised and implemented. “Our focus is to further increase the cyber-awareness and cyber-protection of SMEs. The HSD Campus helps to achieve our goals, because it is the perfect environment to work together, to welcome guests and clients, to find inspiration and to stay up to date of the latest developments. And last but certainly not least: the coffee is great and the distance to the HSD Cafe very short.” “Most security companies focus on top 500 companies and organisations, but the SMEs are the driver of the Dutch and European economy. That is why we we want to be there for these companies and in cooperation with knowledge institutions like TNO we are able to translate know-how into solutions. That approach works at the HSD Campus and for us.”


With the establishment of ERAC and ThreadStone, the national innovation centre for security further grows. 24 Organisations already call the HSD Campus their home:
• HSD Office (since 13 February 2014)
• Cyber Security Academy (since 13 February 2014)
• HCSS (since 13 February 2014)
• Crowdsense (since 17 March 2014)
• vanderVoort Cyber Security (since 13 February 2014)
• Tax Office Internet Service Center (since 1 April 2014)
• ICOPP (since 1 April 2014)
• Thales (since 15 May 2014)
• TNO (since 1 June 2014)
• Tokenizer (since 1 June 2014)
• Authasas (since 1 June 2014)
• ITSX (since 1 June 2014)
• National Police (since 1 June 2014)
• Tracks Inspector (since 1 August 2014)
• Fox-IT (since 1 August 2014)
• DataExpert (since 1 January 2015)
• SDR Academy (since 1 January 2015)
• IFFC (since 1 January 2015)
• Dionach (since 1 February 2015)
• Treparel (since 1 April 2015)
• Incentro (since 1 March 2015)
• HackerOne (since 1 May 2015)
• ERAC (since 1 May 2015)
• ThreadStone (since 1 May 2015)

Would you like to join the HSD Campus or receive more information? Businesses, government and knowledge institutions can still apply and register for offices – temporary or permanent –, meeting rooms, and training and lab facilities that are available to let. For more information, please contact Karim Adarghal of the Municipality of The Hague: +31 (0)6 50 23 13 71 or karim.adarghal@denhaag.nl  

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