HSD Café Talks: IT, IoT, OT Cyber Security Integration

28 mei 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

A revolution can be recognized by the amount of innovations in which IT and OT come together. This may eventually encompass the entire physical world, the so-called Smart World


This is the first topic of the first HSD Café Talks, that HSD Office presents to you. HSD Café Talks is an online combination of sharing knowledge and different views from premium partners in the HSD community. But also reaching out to you asking for your opinion.


IT, IoT, OT Cyber Security Integration, what is it all about?

A third dimension, the Internet of Things (IoT), has a major impact on organisations and society. Development accelerates the relationship between information (systems) and physical systems. In many organisations there is still a virtual wall between the system, process, people and culture in the IT and OT world. IT, IoT and OT integration comprehends various industries, including transport, utilities, education, housing, safety, the agricultural sector, manufacturing industry, retail, healthcare and consumer electronics.


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Part of the cyber security challenge lies in the traditional barrier between IT and OT. While IT focuses primarily on the integrity and confidentiality of components, OT focuses mainly on availability. Does the answer lie in breaking down these separate silos with the aim of integrated cooperation?



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CIO, CISO, COSO, Asset manager or Facility Manager? What is your opinion? HSD invites you to watch the HSD Café Talks and to join the survey on our website. The survey on IT, IOT, OT Cyber Security Integration contains video introductions by HSD Premium Partners Nixu, Thales and Hudson Cybertec. The propositions of every survey question will be presented through these messages.


The online survey is open from Thursday 28 May 2020 until Thursday 11 June 2020. The results of the survey provide insight and will be analysed by the OT Round table group organized by HSD and elaborated in an article with action perspectives. The article is an addendum for the OT-IoT-IT HSD interpretation study that will be offered to you early summer and is part of the HSD programma OT Security.


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HSD Café Talks is an online spin-off from the HSD Café.
People familiar with the HSD Café know that we normally organise an HSD Café a few times a year, where we inform and debate about certain (cyber) security topics. However due to the Covid-19 pandemic HSD offers you a different pallet of online knowledge and interaction. Giving our partners the opportunity to express their opinion and express their expertise and knowledge. 

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