Recap HSD Café: Discussing Trends in Security  

20 feb 2021
Auteur: HSD Foundation

What are the trends with the greatest impact on the security domain in 2021? Related to the development of the HSD Trendmonitor, we organised an HSD Café 18 February. During the HSD Cafe with 60 participants, substantive trends and developments in the security domain were discussed. The event highlighted the diversity in developments in the security domain. Discussed topics range from cybercrime developments such as applications of AI and multi-party computation, to developments in threat targets and agents such as the increasing role of nation states and vulnerable citizens.


4 Visionaries from different corners of the security domain discussed their top 3 trends in security for this year. See the image below for an overview of the experts and the trends they presented. These insights stem from their work on security trends referred to later in this article. 

  Schermafbeelding 2021 02 19 om 16.26.51


In the following discussion the experts discussed expected threat targets, threat agents, targeted domains, and most influential technologies in security. The experts discussed the use of multi-party computation (MPC) for secure information sharing. They also talked about applications of AI such as AI-driven decision making, and the related risk of bias. Another topic that came up is the use of DNA technology, which offers opportunities for the detection of perpetrators of crimes, but which also presents privacy risks. In terms of threat agents and targets, the roles of nation states and vulnerable citizens were discussed, as well as the increasing difficulty of attributing a threat to an actor. For example due to the use of deep fakes. Lastly, the experts also discussed the increased collaboration between public and private organisations in the security domain and the related shift of roles within the security domain. The experts advised the public to optimize this collaboration through working pragmatically and starting by tackling a small, shared issue that is part of a larger societal security issue.


After this discussion, the participants also got the chance to share their top trends in security. A selection of the topics that were mentioned are shown in the image above.


Are you interested in reading more about current trends and developments in the security domain? Take a look at the following publications, mentioned by the experts:
Strategisch Omgevingsbeeld 2020 (shared by the Ministry of Justice and Security, Dutch)
The future challenges facing criminal justice systems (shared by Deloitte)
Verwevenheid zorg & criminaliteit (shared by Deloitte, Dutch)
Veiligheidsmonitor 2019 (shared by CBS, Dutch)
Verdachten- en slachtoffermonitor 2018-2020 (shared by CBS, Dutch)
• Data gebruiken zonder ze te krijgen of te zien (shared by TNO, Dutch)



The Dutch security domain constantly evolves. Many sources appear every day containing trends and developments in security. If you want to learn more about a specific security topic it can be difficult to find the relevant information. HSD Office makes content more accessible and useful by classifying topics and observations. We are currently developing a Trendmonitor, with which we can observe the substantive trends in safety, communicate these to our network and, based on these trends, make connections with relevant activities and partners. We published a first news article about this in December 2020.


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Other interesting sources:
The industry of inequality: why the world is obsessed with private security (shared by Deloitte)
Statline; gedetineerden (shared by CBS, Dutch)
• From March 1st: Publicatie geregistreerde criminaliteit 2020 (to be shared by CBS, Dutch)
Identifying heart failure risks with Multi-Party Computation - YouTube (Shared by TNO)
Innovation and discussion paper: Case studies of the use of privacy preserving analysis to tackle financial crime (shared by TNO)
Waarom Social XR ons leven binnenkort op de kop zet (shared by TNO, Dutch)
Hoe vind je onvindbare veroordeelden? QUIN kan helpen (shared by TNO, Dutch)
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