Hi Delta, InnovationQuarter and Security Delta Join Forces to Strengthen Cyber Resilience in the Manufacturing Industry

22 mrt 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

ZIE 2023, the knowledge event for the South Holland manufacturing industry organized by HI Delta and Mikrocentrum, took place in Rotterdam on the 21st of March. Hi Delta, InnovationQuarter and Security Delta (HSD) work together to increase cyber resilience in the manufacturing industry. Together with our partners Chapter8, Hudson Cybertec, Secior, Secura and Compumatica and in collaboration with InnovationQuarter, we were located at the Security Delta Pavilion, to inform entrepreneurs about cyber resilience in the manufacturing industry and cyber risks involved with the integration of OT and IT security.


Digitization, energy transition and circular economy

More than 30,000 manufacturing companies and suppliers are located in South Holland, with a focus on aerospace, agriculture & horticulture, shipbuilding and machine building. The industry demands technological innovations, but this requires cooperation and knowledge sharing. During ZIE, subjects in the field of digitization, the energy transition and the circular economy were therefore discussed. Cybersecurity was also on the agenda because the manufacturing industry is most often affected by ransomware, according to IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence index, based on data from 2021. And with 23% of all attacks, this is now number 1.


Strengthening cyber resilience

By joint efforts of Hi Delta, InnovationQuarter and Security Delta, entrepreneurs were able to participate in a knowledge session on strengthening cyber resilience in the manufacturing industry. During the session supervised by Anne Visser, Program Coordinator Cybersecurity and Resilience HSD/IQ, experts from our partners informed attending companies on how to improve their cybersecurity. Pepijn Vissers of Chapter8 zoomed in on the protection of crown jewels such as reputation and sensitive information. Pascal Maus of Hudson Cybertec presented case studies for OT and cybersecurity in the manufacturing industry. They encounter companies struggling with cyber risks such as unknown devices in the network, no clear (internal) procedures and a lack of expertise in the field of OT security, for which they gave the following tips:

  • Provide an OT cybersecurity policy
  • Use the international series of standards (IEC 62443) for OT security
  • Offer relevant staff training in the field of cybersecurity
  • Get advice from professionals

For more information, visit: https://hidelta.nl/zie-2023-hi-delta/


Pictured: Martin van Gogh (Hi Delta), Anton Duisterwinkel (InnovationQuarter) & Anne Visser (Security Delta/InnovationQuarter) join forces to strengthen cyber resilience in the manufacturing industry

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